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Songs in My Head

by | 26 Mar 2022

An interesting phenomenon always occurs after enjoying praise and worship with fellow believers—as enjoyed at our recent home group in the Upper Room.

In the subsequent days, the words and music of the songs we sang dance through my mind. My heart readily delights in hearing them. Like a child on a swing, to-and-fro on the rhythms. Then on a roundabout, round and round, as the imagery created by the lyrics wash over the eye of my heart.

My thoughts more readily turn to God. I find myself in a state of worship, even while busy with work. His presence arises because I’m glorifying Him. The news and thoughts of this world grow dim. My own troubles fade. Greater peace and joy hovers like a cloud around me.

The gathering of the saints—which we shouldn’t neglect—has such practical spiritual value.

You could even call it a spiritual life hack:

How to easily be closer to God during the week.

For me this effect lasts several days. As it fades, one can enjoy praise and worship with your own family at home, or listen to music from Christian artists, or sing your own new songs to the Lord (that’s what I love doing), to once again prime our lamps.

Of course, it’s not just praise and worship which boosts our intimacy with God, but today it was worth a mention.