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Inspired Prayer

by | 23 Mar 2022

23 March 2022, 06:46 — This morning, during quiet time, I heard a new thing!

The Lord spoke to me in Hebrew. It was just two words, which I then looked up. They fit exactly into the theme of the prayer which the Holy Spirit was speaking through me to Father God.

Heavenly Father, may You be blessed and honoured, day and night! May Your house grow and be filled with many rooms, with Your Bride loving and appreciating You, each of us unique in who we are, in how we express ourselves unto You, in how we create with You, in how we show You—with great excitement—all the things we do with Your help and provision. Lord God, may Your wisdom guide us fully. May our lips overflow with thanksgiving and praise for all which You have done, and do, and will do! Holy, holy, holy are you, Lord God almighty. Adonai, marbeh.

Adonai : My Lord

Mar-beh : abundance, increase, greatness, greatly increase

Show Your Bread to us, Father! Break bread with us and let us eat at Your table. Pour Your precious wine for us, Master! Let us drink from Your hand, from Your cup. Make us and form us into children of Your great house. Make us stewards of Your great Reward, to increase it daily. 

Tell them: “Let My people go!” Deliver all of Your Bride and Bride-to-be from slavery, oppression, and the shackles of sin and death. Step into the breach, O Lord, with Your mighty Sword and weaponry to wage a war, now more fierce than ever before. Liberate all Your people, letting not one slip from Your caring fingers.

Step into the breach : to indicate providing help that is badly needed, such as by doing a job when there is no one else available to do it

You we praise, Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ our Lord, and Holy Spirit of God. We give thanks for coming down to us, for lifting us from the mire, for making us more than men and beasts. We sing with all our heart! We weep in thanksgiving and the deepest gratitude.

Plough our fields, and never stop sowing Your Seed. Cultivate our hearts, and never stop watering our soil. Nurture the growth of our fruit, and never stop pruning our branches. For we are in You, growths and offshoots of You! Cut us not off, but rejuvenate us daily, flowing through us with Your sap, Your wine, to fill our fruits pleasant to Your taste. Increase! Increase Your estate, Father God. Increase in and through us. We are Your willing labourers. Amen.

NOTE: I’m not a Hebrew scholar in any way. I’ve heard the word “Adonai” before, but never “mar-beh” and had to look up the meanings for them both. I’m fairly proficient in English and Afrikaans, and the only other languages I study are Spanish and Korean.