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God VS Mammon

by | 15 Sep 2022

07:03 My son, it is true that money is the currency of their understanding, the thing which defines value for them in this world. For you, and many others, it is the spiritual state of interacting with God which defines you. This latter value is true wealth, while the former is worldly and, therefore, temporary wealth.

However, many of them will be content with having more of the former and only a little of the latter, knowing that when the former falls away with death, they enter into a new season with Me in heaven where such wealth abounds naturally. In this they are content, yet weak and powerless in this world, simply because they choose not to be active doers of My will.

Because of this, My Church is asleep, under the influence of mammon, with hardly any difference between them and people in the world.

07:07 The time comes, which they know not, that I seek fruit from their branches, before they cross over to the other side. Whom of them who have marked themselves as righteous and saved, will become branded as evil? Who of them will succumb?

Succumb : fail to resist pressure, temptation, or some other negative force

07:11 Therefore, those who count themselves as righteous, but who are governed by mammon, caring not to do My will, they are at great risk of no longer being called My children. Many of them shall say:

But we are not saved by works, but by grace.

And I shall say to them that once they were saved, they became My children whom I raised up for the purpose of begetting more children, even if only to help other believers beget more children, and they spurned Me, saying to Me that I am not their Father.

For if I was their Father, and they My children, they would eagerly be doing My will, going where I ask, helping whom I direct, speaking My words, and doing great acts of the King, like ambassadors do when sent. But now they are blind, being led by mammon, building their own homes and little kingdoms, temporary affairs which consume them so that they fail to bear My fruit.

I have not sent My Son to walk this Earth, to shun mammon, to seek My profit and the building of My kingdom in the hearts of men and women and children—who are destined to become My eternal children—for nought. I did not send Jesus the Christ to chase and devour mammon, but to show how to shun it, and live a life in service of His Father.

Those who say that My Son was materially rich here on Earth have no idea what they are speaking of, for provision came and went for Him as it does for others of faith, in season. If My Son was a wealthy man, something they claim to justify their chasing of mammon, then He would not have been tested in poverty, for He was tested in all things common to man.

Therefore, according to season, even from day-to-day, weekly, and monthly, He had little, He had much, He had just enough, and He had much too little. In all these things He was tested too, just like you are being tested. Through all those tests He maintained His wealth in heaven, holding on to His true identity in Me, without wavering. Through all of that He suffered many things, living among men. 

Why do you think the devil tempted Jesus as He did in the wilderness? If My Son was a rich man—a wealthy ruler on Earth—who would soon enough, after being tempted in the desert, return to His worldly kingdom of wealth and esteemed position, why would He pay heed to such weak temptations?

Indeed, satan—the deceiver—did only tempt Him according to His weakness, according to His failings in this life, according to His poverty and even a seeming lack of success.

My Son knew that over time His life would not just be victorious on the cross and through rising from the dead, but through His disciples who followed Him, recorded His words and works, and would spread this through publication, reenactments, and telling by word of mouth.

In this way He became successful, because He was of no Earthly value but of the highest spiritual value, being recognized therefore for His true identity as Son of the Living God.

For if a man is born rich, what identity does he have other than the son of a rich man? And if a man becomes rich, what identity does he have, what is he remembered and esteemed for above all else, other than a self-made rich man?

07:34 Ask yourself therefore, what is My Son remembered and esteemed for? What do the writings say? Do they extoll Him for His business acumen, for His haggling and negotiating skills, for His large purse, for His many assets, for His purchases of expensive items? They do not even mention how He gave away all this supposed wealth unto others, for the Son of God would have surely been generous, making others marvel at the things He gave away.

07:37 Instead, He was wealthy and generous with spiritual wealth, exhausting Himself in the acts of giving away and handing out what I had given unto Him. His wealth was truly magnificent then, as it is now, for His wealth was Me. For He was in Me and of Me, sharing abroad My goodness to people in love and compassion, as led and directed by My Spirit—for I am Spirit.

Therefore challenge I the masters of deception who will continue to deceive themselves through this abomination of false claims that Jesus, your Lord and Savior—My Son—was a materially rich man.

07:41 Indeed, He trained His followers to similarly live by faith, without knowing what tomorrow may bring, without dependance upon material wealth for their sustenance and success as ministers of Mine.

For in the season when money is required, money will come. But do not think I will send money which will blind and corrupt you, and see you fall away from Me, failing to bear fruit, failing to help others bear fruit, failing to do the will of Your Father in Heaven. What blessing is there in this? 

This is to load the curse of this world upon your shoulders, and leave you to sink in the mire, and then quietly sit back while you call yourselves blessed. What kind of Father do you think I am? Am I not the Father of lights, the Creator, the Saviour who would defeat evil which even arose within My heavenly courts?

Mire : a stretch of swampy or boggy ground: acres of land had been reduced to a mire; soft mud or dirt: the roads retained their winter mire; a complicated or unpleasant situation from which it is difficult to extricate oneself

Why would I save, and then destroy what I have saved? Men should not call themselves blessed when they have mammon, nor cursed when they lack mammon. For this is how the world entraps men, even spiritual men and women, to believe that mammon is blessing, and without it you are cursed. There can be nothing further from the truth, for I have said that you would either love God and hate mammon, or hate God and love mammon.

07:48 The two are apart, opposing each other, even in My sight. However, love and hate is manifest in obedience and disobedience. Those who love mammon are led by mammon. In this way, those who love Me may still have money without sinning, for they are led by Me when they obey Me. 

However, for the rich the test is more severe than for the poor, for the very tool of the enemy is a part of their strength, something they must lay down each and every day, and moments within each day, if they are to be led by Me instead of by mammon.

Those in poverty naturally call out to Me, having little stand in their way. However, they may become blind with what they do not have, exasperated by what others do have, considering themselves therefore accursed instead of blessed. This too is sin, for I have said woe to those who call evil good, and good evil.

Let every poor man who has Christ and who is within Christ, count himself wealthy beyond compare, for this is good, Godly, and wise in My sight. Let every man who has the benefit of money within this Earth, count themselves poverty stricken first, and then from those ashes count themselves wealthy because of Christ. In this they shall be counted godly and righteous.

Let the man who cannot look past his wealth, get rid of it, living with the wealth of Christ alone for all his days, that he may be counted righteous. Let those who have just enough also count themselves poor, for I am their riches. In this way, do not hold onto mammon, but stand ready to do My works. For those who have more, of them will more be required of Me. For their money can purchase lives when they master it under the leading of My Holy Spirit.

07:59 Will you stand before Me one day and fail to give account of the lives you may have been part of saving? Will you resist Me even before you stand before Me, when I come to press upon your resources to help save others? Even if I seek everything from you, will you gladly help Me?

Or will you drop your countenance and walk away from Me and My people when I command you to give up your mammon, which you have called your blessing?

Let those who have more, do more with it. For it is a shame when those with little accomplish more for Me than the rich do. For this reason have I said, blessed are the poor in spirit. I have defined what blessing is. Therefore, I command you to not redefine it, as the master of this world—the deceiver—will readily do to entrap you.

12:47 For when you are blessed, My spiritual wealth flows through you, for your own healing and prosperity, and for that of others. Consider this, My people, that the heathen—even those who hate Me and persecute My people—by the world’s definition are also blessed, yet when I behold them, they live and operate under the curse, and call down even greater curses upon themselves and others.

How then, can that which the world calls blessing, truly be blessing if the unrighteous also enjoy it, and do so generously? Therefore, consider carefully your position in this world and do not justify yourselves, nor call yourselves righteous children of God. For you are justified by One alone, and called righteous by Me because of His salvation work in you.

This is blessing, to count yourself poor, to even count yourselves and your mammon as dust and ash, and calling out from a lowly place:

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come!

12:52 My rain falls upon the just and the unjust. Will you call this blessing? Even though it is wonderful, and water gives life on the Earth, water cannot save you, neither can water raise a man from the dead—that man destined for Sheol. Likewise, opportunities come and fall on some, and not upon others.

Of all the people upon the Earth, the heathen and the unrighteous have garnered most earthly wealth. Will you call them blessed, and likewise call the poor accursed? Beware, for the Lord sees the heart and the intent of the heart, and the Lord measures with a different scale than man.

12:56 If you shall say that you are blessed by virtue of what you own, then it stands to reason that countless people are not blessed; how many of them are fellow believers? Why do they lack material wealth and resources?

This world has taught you many reasons, and the teachers from pulpits have taught you many reasons, and you have taught yourselves many reasons, and many of those reasons have nothing to do with My truth. For in this way you discount the faith and the walks of faith of countless believers, judging them upon their outward appearance and their struggles, failing to see the beautiful gardens blossoming in their spirits. 

13:00 When I counted men and women blessed in times of old, and you saw in the accounts that they were wealthy, you thought that wealth is akin to blessing. Yet, in the same scriptures, there are so many accounts teaching the opposite, and you do not see the fine line between them, instead justifying wealth, and turning aside from poverty. 

Consider these matters with great care and discernment, for I have not come that you may remain deceived, but that you may indeed be set free and help set others free. For men fight against Me, kicking against Me while leaving their own brothers in the dark, in order to justify mammon in a way by which they make it holy and righteous. 

When they say they are doing My will, it is them who have defined their will, intricately weaving certain scriptures to suit themselves, and then going off to claim wealth in My name, when I did not send them to do so. Then, as they kick against Me and justify themselves, they dishonour their family in Christ, even Christ Himself, and stand firm upon their conviction, which is a high perch.

Time comes when I remove them from their perch, for I shall not suffer them there for too long. When they fall, they do not know why they fall, for they believe they have been doing My will, that they have been blessed by Me, and that My hand has been upon them to profit successfully. They cannot see that I did not send them for this.

If it was My will for all believers to profit, why then did I tell the rich man to sell all he had and give it to the poor? Do you think that was a singular test? No, I tell you there are more rich men today than there has ever been, and because of this My Church flounders and brings great dishonour to Christ Jesus, their Saviour.

13:10 Can a man be made wealthy by God, you ask? Is wealth evil? Yes, I can make men wealthy, and no, it is not evil. Evil resides in the hearts of men.

I make men wealthy that they may administrate that wealth, not just to grow it at times, but to sow it, and to uplift My people, to take profits from the world and spread it into My kingdom, in and amongst My people. My scriptures speak of this and your forebears lived like this in the New Testament. 

However, the poor among you are brought even lower than they already are, by being shamed and by being declared accursed. Yet, they too are My people, brothers and sisters in Christ, worthy of the same position at My table.

How are they cursed? Has My Son not delivered them from the curse just like He did to You? If you look at their poverty as the measure of their blessing or curse, are you right in this?

You consider a rich heathen more blessed than your own believing brethren and their believing families. How can this be? Did I not come to set you free from such evil and base thinking? Does My Spirit not renew your minds to higher thinking and understanding My ways—the very mind of God?

13:18 You esteem the heathens and marvel at how well they do business, yet you deny Me in your brethren and push them aside, saying how bad it would be to be in their shoes.

I tell you that you would be better off in sackcloth and ashes than to esteem the wealthy men of this world who have made pacts with satan, selling their souls for his kingdom to come, stealing away wealth from My children. Those believers who become wealthy, then also hold onto their wealth to decrease their losses and increase their earthly profits and, in so doing, deprive My house on Earth, My Body, My people—even more, defrauding Me in the name of being blessed and increasing their blessing.

13:25 My people who await my help, are left helpless. My people who hunger and thirst, find little relief. These are the poor in spirit, those whose strength have been sapped, leaving them parched in dry places, they who call upon Me to then receive divine grace to continue standing, continue walking another day.

Such grace is withheld in great measure from the wealthy who disobey Me, for to them was given and they did not give when I called. Then I take away their gifts and shower it upon others. Do not think I speak of material things. I speak of divine gifts, whatever they may be, even material, as governed by My will, and as led by My Spirit. For only those who are faithful with what I put in their hands and hearts will be blessed and given more, and such faithfulness is firstly being willing to serve My house, the household of faith.

13:30 Mammon is deceitful, and blessing it is not, unless I give it as blessing. The wise man who receives it should do so warily, wondering what it is that’s in his hand, asking Me for wisdom. For it may be that he would be better off without it, and it may be that others are awaiting My help through that person’s hand.

Great is their reward for obeying Me if they help in that way. Help readily, and do so by first becoming poor in spirit, for your kin are also poor in spirit and they yearn for My help to manifest through My Body. For many people falter in their faith in Christ Jesus due to the wealthy holding on to their wealth. Many souls are lost due to the wealthy holding onto their wealth.

You shall see it when I show you, but you do not yield. If I show it on the day of judgment, great shall be your shame, and much too late to make amends on the Earth. For your wealth will be left behind with your withering body, and your soul shall appear before Me naked.

13:36 The spiritual wealth of the poor can be released by the material wealth of others. The spiritual wealth of the poor is very often hidden by the lack of care of the wealthy, forcing the poor even lower, making them bow beneath their circumstance, unable to readily move out to minister the vast riches I have bestowed upon them.

13:39 Shall each man with wealth think himself spiritually rich? This is what happens when you equate mammon with God. When this happens, then the one with material gifts considers that he also has spiritual gifts, and by such reason he says to himself:

Those poor with spiritual gifts should also be materially rich, and I cannot help it if they do not properly claim their wealth from God to also be as blessed as I am.

In this way, the wealthy will say that each member of My Body has all gifts, but the poor will wonder where the Body of Christ is, whether it actually exists. In this way the wealthy pull down the poor, although both are believers in Christ, and even though the poor are often most wealthy. 

Consider therefore the beggar who died and went to heaven while beholding the rich man who was under torment, desperate for a single drop of water. Which one of those are blessed and which is accursed? Therefore, I say, correct your thinking, for the Church has fallen while chasing the blessings of this world, while My house lies in ruins. 13:45

After 14:00, I heard the Lord say:

Many who are first will be last, and the last first.

In the scriptures, this is the final verse in the story of the rich young man found in Matthew 19:30.