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Glorify God

Heavenly Father, I glorify You! You are the One who empowers Your people. Through You everything happens according to Your will. Without You we can do nothing. Righteousness flows through You. You are the One who lifts up and pulls down. Let Your will be done on...

God VS Mammon

07:03 My son, it is true that money is the currency of their understanding, the thing which defines value for them in this world. For you, and many others, it is the spiritual state of interacting with God which defines you. This latter value is true wealth, while the...

Songs in My Head

An interesting phenomenon always occurs after enjoying praise and worship with fellow believers. You could even call it a spiritual life hack.

Inspired Prayer

23 March 2022, 06:46 — This morning, during quiet time, I heard a new thing! The Lord spoke to me in Hebrew. It was just two words, which I then looked up. They fit exactly into the theme of the prayer which the Holy Spirit was speaking through me to Father God....

God calls for Exaltation

During a late night quiet time, God spoke, calling us to exalt Him in praise and adoration, explaining the victory and blessing we shall receive. This is what He said…

Dream: Swimming Bride

I had a dream where I saw the Bride of Christ swimming in the ocean, radiant in the sunlight. Although she was playful, a current was drawing her to the murky depths.