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Pleasure Dome Thunder

By Paul G Newman

Pleasure Dome Thunder


Pleasure Dome Thunder is an ever-expanding treasury of firsthand testimonies from Paul Newman’s walk with God.

This memoir details first-hand accounts of healing miracles, wonders, deliverance from evil, seeing angels, being a messenger for God, confirming life after death, and more.

From Paul’s experience it offers definitive proof that a loving God exists, and is actively at work now as He was according to Biblical accounts.

Spiritual Teaching Author

Paul G Newman

Paul is an ex-arcade game junkie, athlete, and artist turned animator, coder, and graphics pro.

After committing to Jesus Christ at the tender age of 5, rebellion flared up at age 17 while studying Fine Arts. Then came a divine call away from the dark side. After marrying the love of his life, while raising four children, he went on a quest: Determine conclusively if the ancient scriptures are fact or fiction. After putting Christ’s teachings to the test, numerous miracles and wonders—experienced in person—compelled him to write and share.

Paul presently resides in South Africa, where he enjoys his limited leisure time with his family; outdoor calisthenics, brewing good coffee, and home baked pizza in the wood fired oven.


Miracles were commonplace in New Testament accounts. So, what’s going on today? If God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, then where is He? Acknowledging He is the same God, we should rather ask: Where are the Believers?

– Paul G Newman


17 October 2022

New Book Series

My book Forgive Long and Prosper is being written. As it develops, each chapter will be published here, free to read.

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Release to be announced

Spiritual Illumination

Non-Fiction Teaching Series

Based on powerful experiences over many years of administering healing, deliverance, and messages from God, Paul breaks open the practical application of Biblical scripture.

Spiritual Illumination

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