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God calls for Exaltation

by | 5 Mar 2022

Do not cease in your faith, in your prayers, and your exaltation of Me in praise and adoration.

It may sound strange to hear One call for such a thing unto Himself, but this is not just for My sake, but mostly for your sake. Praise and exaltation is something which becomes a beacon in the darkness around you. It is the trumpet you blow to state your stand. It is the note of victory regarding the standard which you fly. It is the recognition of Me active and victorious on your behalf.

The silent man is half defeated, for he has nothing to give thanks for, and nothing he expects in promise, no gladness, and very little hope.

Make your heart a wellspring of joyful praise, even before you receive My victory. Make your tankard full with My ale even as you sing. Sing what you will and how you will, but sing!

Make utterances aloud unto your King! Fill My ears with your blessing, and I shall fill your belly, running over with My blessing!

Evil cannot resist such expression between Me and you. Find pleasure in Me in everything. Thank Me, and give thanks from your heart, from where it abounds.

If your heart is dry and your well empty, then meditate on My truth, and ask Me to show you, to fill you, to reveal My good in and around about you. Then respond to what you are made aware of, and sing!