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Pleasure Dome Thunder BW

Threat Removed

Years ago, a man was angry with me and seriously threatened to take me to court. He had called me over the phone and made his threat so forceful that I had no doubt regarding his intentions. Naturally, I was in distress. What would a court case cost my family and myself on so many levels? I phoned the man back and offered my apology and tried to make things right with him, but he relentlessly reiterated his threat with ferocity and finality.

I became downcast and felt I couldn’t work. I dropped my normal daily routine and brooded over the looming crisis for three sombre days. I prayed earnestly, lamenting my situation before the Lord, asking His forgiveness. I petitioned God for help, imploring Him. He was unusually quiet for most of those three days as my heart cried out before Him.

On the third day, quite suddenly, God spoke: “You will never hear from this man again.”

Instantly I was filled with joy! Not just satisfaction at hearing His declaration, but divine joy from beyond myself! It rose up inside of me, confirming His Word. My spirit lifted and I could suddenly breathe easy again. Just by hearing God speak, the threat of an angry man vanished.

Throughout this ordeal, I was true to what was in my heart. I was downcast. I bared my soul to God, as dark and depressed and messy as it was. I repented and cried out to Him for help. Before others I displayed no joy. Why lie to them? Why pretend? But after I was declared free by God . . . then I was filled with joy and once again positive. It had come from God while I was in despair, not from me putting on a brave face or attempting to be optimistic.

As for the man who had threatened me, I literally never heard from him again after God spoke, and my peace in this matter has not been challenged since.