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Too Much Data

A lady who was doing news editing work for me used too much of the monthly Internet data. I’d provided Linda with a USB modem and SIM card and allocated data for her work and some personal use, but she had used it excessively for the latter. With the data depleted, her excess usage had incurred costs at premium rates with my Internet service provider, and I lost a significant sum of money due to her negligence. I was upset that something so preventable had been allowed to happen.

The same day that I made the discovery, the Lord told me to forgive Linda. Yes, of course I would. At the time, my wife was out but due back home any moment, so I figured I’d first wait for her to return. The two of us could then pray and forgive Linda together, considering that her action had also reduced the money my wife had available for the home.

A few minutes later, my wife returned and said she’d make us some tea. Good, we can then pray, I thought. After setting down the tea tray in the lounge, she started pouring two cups.

While the tea was being poured, I suddenly saw horrific images of fearsome monsters in a vision. Discerning that such horror didn’t come from God nor from me, I quietly asked the Lord to remove it. Instantly the images vanished and peace returned. My wife was still pouring tea when another equally vile vision appeared to me. This time, because the vision had returned, I knew I lacked victory in the matter. I turned to the Lord and asked: “Lord, what gives this evil spirit the right to torment me?”

The Lord swiftly answered: “I told you to forgive her!”

Without waiting another moment to pray along with my wife—who was still pouring tea—I immediately obeyed, forgiving Linda quietly in my heart before God. The horrific vision left me, never to return. A few minutes later, my wife also forgave.

Based on my experiences, God doesn’t always hand us over to the jailers and torturers this quickly, but He obviously can (Matthew 18:21–35). Suffice it to say, when God commands, we should obey; when He prompts us to forgive, we should be quick to do so. His reasons are always for our eternal well-being, because He loves us.