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Pleasure Dome Thunder BW

A Scenic Trip

When our children were little, my wife and I both fancied the Renault Scénic RX4, a crossover utility vehicle for family use. Since the all-wheel drive model was out of our price range, we bought the plain Scénic model. After we fell on hard times, the bank repossessed our white Scénic. Over the next couple of years we drove several used vehicles.

One day, out of the blue, a friend contacted me saying he feels led by God to give me one of his cars: a Renault Scénic RX4. I was stunned! This is the exact model we wanted. However, instead of jumping at the offer, I needed to first ask God’s permission, something my friend understood. While praying, I first laid down my desire for receiving this free car we had dreamed of, seen at car dealers, and watched driving by on the roads. I didn’t want my desire to conflict with God’s will. I asked Him for only His will to be done, whatever it was. I was prepared for a yes or no.

God’s reply was: “For this man’s sake, you must accept his gift.”

Will I ever fully understand what God meant by those words? Regardless of God’s plans for my friend—a complete mystery to me—I was instructed to accept the car.

The Scénic RX4 came serviced, sported a tow hook, and had new tires all round. A golden sheen highlighted the metallic midnight-blue body curves when viewed at certain angles. It felt great receiving the car we’d fancied for years. It felt even better driving it. I found the higher seating position odd at first, but it turned out to be a comfortable drive. The 2.0-liter engine seemed like it would be underpowered for this large family car, but it proved adequate even under load and with a trailer in tow.

I’d previously also received a Word from God regarding a family vacation. However, we lacked provision for it; no jobs invoiced and no payments expected. Then came the Scénic RX4. For a family of six, our ample luggage required a trailer, which we borrowed from my good friend, Dirk. A day before our scheduled departure, 1 May 2008—without money to fuel the long trip or the vacation—my wife and children packed the trailer in faith.

The next day, an unexpected payment cleared into my bank account, making for a prompt and very cheerful departure from Johannesburg, South Africa. The trip to Mossel Bay on the Western Cape coast was about 1,600 km (roughly 1,000 miles) in our nice, French family car. Both the drive and vacation were splendid.

We drove the Renault Scénic RX4 for many years until it was given to a mechanic better equipped to maintain the aging vehicle.