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Pleasure Dome Thunder BW

The Dachshund

Some years ago, we had a female dachshund (sausage dog) named Xena. My daughter, then aged twelve, had her friend over for a visit. Alarmed, she called me into her bedroom to show me the animal on the floor by the closet, half-paralyzed and dragging the limp rear half of its body across the carpet. Not showing any pain, Xena struggled along with forelegs only.

In my youth, I watched our one dachshund being put down after a similar tragic condition. The distress and sadness of losing my beloved pet back then came flooding back when I observed Xena in a paralyzed state. I feared it would soon be my children’s turn to go through that. Paralysis seems to be common with this dog breed. Complications related to their elongated bodies put dachshunds at risk of spinal injury and disc disease. Surgery appears to be a common requirement, though recovery is uncertain.

In my daughter’s room, I carefully cradled and lifted Xena onto the bed. She dragged her rear before lying down. The girls were seated on the bed, and I sat down with them, the calm creature between us. With the mood solemn, the three of us bowed our heads. I prayed, asking God for healing. After presenting my request, I waited on the Lord. A few seconds later I felt God’s virtue flow through my body and down my hand resting on our pet. Almost immediately the dog got up, jumped off the bed, and trotted out the bedroom.

We remained seated in the warm afternoon sun by the window, staring at the bedroom door in stunned silence. The healing had been so swift. Soon, without fanfare, we nonchalantly continued with whatever we had busied ourselves minutes before.

The full weight of the matter never hit us. Within a few short minutes, God had erased grave concern for our paralyzed pet.

Xena remained healed after that, never again suffering paralysis in her life.