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Jesus Who?

In my writing I mention Jesus Christ. I must clarify which Jesus I mean.

I refer to the Son of God, born of the virgin woman Mary (Miriam or Miryam in Hebrew). I refer to Jesus of Nazareth who walked among men. Jesus who spoke divine knowledge, set people free from evil spirits, and ministered healing from God. Jesus who suffered false accusations, torture, crucifixion until physically dead and entombed. Jesus who overcame sin and death, wielding authority to free mankind eternally. Jesus, resurrected three days after His death, showing Himself in the flesh to His followers. Jesus who instructed His followers to await the Holy Spirit. Jesus who ascended to heaven, seated with His Father who is God. Jesus who sent us God’s precious Holy Spirit. I refer to the Messiah who entered the world through the nation of Israel over two thousand years ago.

I refer to the Word of God, present in the beginning, the One who is God. I refer to the Christ—the Anointed One—the Savior prophesied about in the “forbidden” chapter of Isaiah 53; the Word of God active inside the hearts and minds of believers as facilitated by God’s Holy Spirit.

Jesus’ name originates from the Latin form of the Greek “Ihsouß” or “Iesous” pronounced “Yesous.” This is the transliteration of the Hebrew “Yeshua” which is another form of “Yehoshua” or “Joshua” meaning ‘Jehovah is Salvation’ or ‘Yahweh saves.’ It converted from Greek to Old English as “Iesus” pronounced “Yesus” and to modern English as “Jesus.”

Some say, due to mistranslation, followers of “Jesus” do not follow the one true God. As a recovering perfectionist, I value technical preciseness and the meanings of names. However, I worship God in Spirit and in Truth. I cannot imagine giving thanks to God for sending His Son Jesus and His reply being: “I sent Yeshua, not Jesus. Depart from Me, I don’t know you.”

Yehoshua, Yeshua, or Joshua was apparently a common Hebrew name. Perhaps it still is. “Jesús” is a common name in Spanish-speaking countries. The omnipotent all-wise God vested all power into His Son bearing a fairly common name. How does God know our prayer is specific to Him? After all, we might be praying to one of many Israeli boys or to the deceased president of Costa Rica.

The God of love observes our hearts and knows who we mean to be talking to. God is Spirit and observes us in the spirit, seeing the true intent of each person’s heart.

When I speak to “God” (which one of a thousand gods is that?), the same Person always answers. When I’m intimate with my “Heavenly Father” (how generic is father?), the same presence draws near. When I call Him “Lord” (England also has lords), the same quiet voice affirms me as His son. The same God shows His power like only Yahweh (YHWH / Adonai) of the Scriptures. Also known as the God of Abraham, the Living God, Almighty God, and I Am. 

When I speak to my earthly father, I call him “Dad” and he responds. He doesn’t insist on his son calling him by his official government registered names. When chatting with a good friend, I don’t have to call him anything. I turn to him and speak. Intimate relationship generates a context of kinship inside which there’s knowing. This is infinitely more true with God who sees and knows everything in our hearts and minds. Believers are connected to God through the Blood of His Lamb—His Son, Jesus Christ—also known as the only Way or the Door.

Worldwide many people have common names. There are many named “Paul” and several named “Paul Newman” and yet I’m still me. Computer systems may get confused but not my children and, least of all, my wife. It certainly doesn’t confuse God. If He’s certain about individual identities within the vast sea of humanity why would He ever confuse who we’re talking to or talking about?

Out of respect I always address God more formally, calling Him “Heavenly Father” or “Lord” or “Lord God.” Some people call God “Abba” or “Papa” when they pray; that’s their intimate and respectful way. God always knows when we’re talking to Him.

If we mistranslate, misspell, or mispronounce Jesus’ name, will our prayers fail? Those who think so misunderstand God’s ways and how He confers authority. 

Even with His name historically and technically correct, prayers may go unanswered. Through my testimonies I show how God still answers His children even when not speaking the name of Jesus.

Yahweh is first and foremost the God of Spirit and Truth.