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Pleasure Dome Thunder BW


This book started as a letter to family and friends, born from a desire to share my own testimonies of miracles and wonders, experienced first-hand. The volume of God’s wondrous works necessitated a book.

The book cover was designed as abstract visual for the title: thunder above the dome. The black two-dimensional domed architecture down below represents diminutive, sinful man—that’s me. The enormous three-dimensional burnished gold entity reaching down from heaven with elegant fingers, represents a great, pure, and holy God touching us in various ways, and bestowing riches far beyond material wealth. I don’t experience God’s mighty storm as ominous and dark but, instead, rich and golden.

This writing shares what I have actually witnessed God do. If your walk with God differs from mine then that’s good. God calls us all for different purposes, in different ways, with different gifts, in different seasons. Please, discover God for yourself. He reveals, through a continuous gentle process of cleansing and peeling away, a unique divine identity for each of us.

I’m not here to “save” you; only God can do that if you inwardly—from your own heart—choose to believe in and yield to Him. It’s your life and I respect your free will just as I enjoy mine. I share these accounts of some key moments in my life for your consideration.

In a sense, I’m the witness and you’re a member of the jury. Perhaps I can’t prove anything to you. Even if I show you a video of someone being miraculously healed before your eyes, you may not believe it. Perhaps not even if you were there with me. Numerous times I witnessed miracles and wonders in person; not as a bystander, but as God’s instrument. All the testimonies in this book are exclusively first-hand testimonies . . . not hearsay.

Etched into my memory, these amazing events help remind me to keep the faith. How God considers a sinner like me, bestowing marvelous gifts, is a grace far beyond me. I’m encouraged to continue walking with Him in humble gratitude and utmost awe. Even after years, these same testimonies encourage me to regularly converse with the Greatest Companion a human can possibly enjoy. What incredible healing, wisdom, power, peace, joy, and so much more God imparts!

I’ve experienced many of the miraculous things mentioned in the New Testament. I keep on experiencing them.

My conclusion: Not only is the almighty Living God real and personally approachable, but also reliably true. I don’t testify to say I’m better than anyone else (as a sinner, I’m certainly not) but to confirm and affirm God’s existence, love, mercy, grace, power, and open invitation to all people.

By going to the Source—to God Himself—God’s meaning within the Scriptures become clear. I witnessed the actual things Scriptures mention, which many view as myth or fiction. I don’t want to be led astray, and it’s my belief many people share this desire. I’m not satisfied with the crumbs on the floor beneath the table. I desire to partake of the feast He sets for us all, seated next to the King of kings. I want the real thing without compromise until the end of my days on Earth, and throughout eternity beyond.

Oh taste and see that Yahweh is good. Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.

Psalm 34:8 — World English Bible

My writings share some of what I’ve tasted of God for myself.

Please don’t misunderstand, I have no power to accomplish divine works. I’m showing off God working through me and through others, detailing accounts from personal involvement. I’m a messenger exposed to His messages and the profound effects they have on recipients. I’m a witness of God at work.

It’s impossible to relate these miracles and wonders without talking about myself. Whatever aspect involves me, is not to glorify myself, but to effectively relate that God works in and through ordinary people. I suppose many will argue I’m not ordinary, but that’s true for most people. I’m a son, a brother, husband, father, artist, coder . . . another guy trying to make a living with the talents given me. I enjoy good coffee, pizza, braai, ice-cream, good movies, the outdoors, and exercise. I have family, friends, and enemies. I have hopes and dreams, insecurities, struggles and victories. I’m also a child of God, willing to drop what I’m doing, to do His will.

I write with sincere hope that others understand God truly lives, loves, dwells within us, hears us, answers us, and performs His divine will on Earth as it is in Heaven.