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Pleasure Dome Thunder BW

How Free?

If you read the License page you saw this book is published under a Creative Commons Attribution – No Derivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-ND 4.0) license. Anyone is free to make copies of the digital or physical book, in whole or in part, and share it with anyone as long as they (1) credit “Paul G Newman” as the author and (2) include, mention or link to the CC BY-ND license. You may even make money from doing so since this license allows commercial distribution.

Although this book may be obtained from various sales outlets, it’s more important that everyone is allowed to get a digital copy without the potential burden of having an illegal copy. Free your conscience—you’re not stealing. When you get a digital copy of this book, regardless of how you got it, you own it.

If you feel someone else should also read this book then simply refer them to

Here are some examples of the free use of this book:

You may attach and email someone a copy, share the files via messenger app, cloud storage, memory stick, etc.

You may quote short or long portions of this book without asking permission. Please give credit to “Paul G Newman” as the author.

You may sell or give hard printed copies away to other people. This means even publishers may legitimately sell this book as long as the work remains unmodified. High resolution artwork is available for download.

If you want to print this book, then download the text, format it in your word processor, and print it—no further permission required.

All future versions of this book, in whatever media format, will always retain this CC BY-ND license and anyone will be free to copy, photocopy, scan, and own the work unencumbered.

As a courtesy (it’s not mandatory) I request that those who give away or sell multiple physical or digital copies to please contact me. I would love to know about, and possibly promote, your project via my website and social networks.

If you want to create other versions of this book, like an audio book or a translated version, this license unfortunately does not allow it. Please contact me via to introduce yourself, discuss your project, and request a license.