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Pleasure Dome Thunder BW


This non-fiction work depicts actual events in my life as truthfully as recollection and journal entries permit. Although some testimonies may seem unbelievable, no characters or scenarios were fabricated or embroidered. Some names and identifying characteristics have been altered to respect privacy.

I’ve written from my personal perspective and experience with the sole intent to provide opinion and insight on the topics discussed.

This book is not meant to diagnose or treat any physical, psychological or spiritual condition, nor should it be considered medical, legal, financial, or any other professional advice.

This book is not a substitute for seeking and hearing God for yourself, nor is it a substitute for any kind of professional advice whatsoever. On the contrary, I’m not a professional child of God.

Both myself and my publisher (which is me) are not liable or responsible for any loss or gain, failure or success, harm or healing, or anything else you may or may not experience as a direct or indirect result of having read and/or practiced anything in this book.

While utmost care has been taken when compiling this book, no promises are made nor guarantees given by the inclusion of any content herein. You bear responsibility for your own behavior and outcomes, before God and the law.