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Pleasure Dome Thunder BW


Pleasure Dome Thunder

Miracles and wonders from my walk with God
by Paul G Newman

Editorial by Philip Buhrmann

Cover design by Paul G Newman

This book is 100% man-made. No AI was utilized in any aspect of writing this book.

Scripture quotes are from one of these two Bibles available in the public domain:

World English Bible (
Noah Webster’s 1833 revision of Scriptures

The World English Bible uses contemporary English language, while Noah Webster’s 1833 revision of Scriptures uses older English similar to the King James Bible.

Readers are encouraged to self-study and cross-reference various Bible translations and lexicons of their choice.

NOTE: All Scripture quotes using lowercase words referring to God have been respectfully capitalized. e.g. “him” changed to “Him” and “lord” to “Lord” etc.