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Pleasure Dome Thunder BW


Tuesday, 30 September 2014 — I was working as an IT contractor for a few months while handing over an eCommerce website to the buyer, a holding company.

Among the people working in their modern, open-plan offices, were graphic designers. God led me to speak to one of them, a young lady.

As I discreetly started sharing about God, she spontaneously acknowledged her faith in God. She was bright and cheerful and responded positively.

The Holy Spirit led me in what to say, the sentences being heard in my mind moments before I verbalized them. A few testimonies of miracles were shared, like I’m doing through this book.

At one point, the spark in her eyes went out. With a sombre look on her face, she suddenly declared that she doesn’t believe God performs miracles or that He even exists. She then abruptly asked me to stop talking to her; I honored her request.

Within mere minutes, God had probed beneath the veneer of her outward Christianity to reveal—to herself—her heart’s true condition. I left there praying for her soul, asking God to draw her into genuine faith and relationship with Him, a faith without pretense.