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Catcher with Migraine

Thursday, 1 August 2013 — We were at a softball field, where I was scheduled to umpire an under-13 girl’s game. Before the game, Anouk, the coach of the HomeSpun team, asked me to pray with them for their Catcher, Isabel, who was suffering a migraine headache just minutes before game start.

Along with a Pitcher, the Catcher plays a key defensive role, making split second strategic decisions, initiating swift fielding plays, and often supporting her team verbally. The position is also physically demanding, wearing hot protective gear while having to crouch down on her haunches when receiving the pitched ball.

Worst case was the team not having their Catcher, perhaps forfeiting the game if they didn’t have enough players. Or perhaps having to swap in another player, inexperienced for this specialized position. Perhaps, best case, Isabel played Catch but with a migraine diminishing her abilities. All possibilities would look bleak to Coach Anouk and the rest of the team. They were likely wrestling with concerns for their game, mingled with concerns for their friend.

As I walked to the gathered circle, the Holy Spirit confirmed to me that God will heal.

About 20 of us—coaches, fellow team members, and my wife—stood in a circle before the small pavilion to pray for Isabel, who was sitting on the lawn at our feet. I squatted next to her, and laid my hand on her head. Someone led the group in prayer for her healing.

After feeling the Lord’s anointing flow through me, I distinctly felt the need to step away. As I stood aside, God spoke:

I have given her healing.

I then squatted by Isabel again, tapped her on the shoulder, and asked how she was feeling. Coming out of her prayerful attitude, she revealed there was improvement, but the migraine was still there. I then told her what God had just told me, speaking His Word of healing. Isabel now had divine Word regarding the migraine. Laying my hand on her head again, I audibly prayed:

Father God, thank You that You have given her healing, and that You are not a liar. I ask that You will complete her healing now.

I felt the Lord’s power flow through me again. A few seconds later, He said I should test her. At that moment, Isabel jumped up with a smile and sparkling eyes! She joyfully declared the migraine gone, and that she felt good.

In that instant, as she jumped up, a great joy also leapt up in me, my heart touched by divine confirmation of God’s completed work. When I recall that moment—even years later—tears spring up in my eyes, it’s that special.

Isabel played with her team. It was delightful to see God’s people publicly gather around in support and prayer for a teammate, friend, and sister in Christ Jesus.

We were privileged to receive God’s Word in answer to our prayers. We watched Him publicly perform an instant miracle, right there in our circle of sporty believers.