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Pleasure Dome Thunder BW

Broken Fast

The Lord had instructed me to go on a forty-day meat fast, to gain a certain victory. Besides intermittent fasting for health reasons, I only perform religious fasts when and how God commands me.

At that time, well into the fast, I had a vision: I was hovering in the air, at high altitude, while observing the country of Japan and praying. In the distance, I could see armies of angels waging war within dark clouds over the entire country.

From out of the fray, something flew silently toward me, taking a split second to cover the distance. An angel landed before me, crouched down and folded its wings forward to cover itself. All I saw was a rounded back and wings. The angel spoke: “Do not worship me. I came to tell you that there is a plot to trick you into failing your fast.”

As quickly as it arrived, the angel took off and returned to the battlefront far below—I had just been forewarned by a heavenly messenger. After that, I was more vigilant about my fast, and it proceeded well.

A few days before completion, a client called me in to discuss 3D animation for a television commercial they were producing for one of their direct marketing products. As usual, the CEO and I enjoyed a good meeting. Normally, I’d leave and send him a quote for the work discussed. However, that day he insisted I calculate my quote there and then, showing me to his corner lounge for some privacy. This was the first and only time he had ever asked me to quote immediately.

As I worked on the quote, a lady entered with a platter of sandwiches—it was lunchtime and my client cordially invited me to join him for something to eat. I was so distracted with financial calculations that the forty day fast didn’t register in my mind, but I felt the need to return home, so I declined.

Undeterred, my client reiterated his invitation. Not wanting to offend, I capitulated, and joined him at his desk. Then, with details of the quote still clouding my mind and no internal warning bells going off, I instinctively picked up a sandwich and took a bite.

The second my teeth sank into the soft, crustless meat sandwich, God spoke to me: “You failed your fast.”

I froze. A feeling of disgust washed over me as the angel’s warning resurfaced in my mind. During the busyness of business, I had let down my guard. I completed that first bite and chewed, knowing it was too late. Having lost my appetite, I put the rest of the sandwich down. I never lose my appetite, not even when I’m ill.

I felt numb with defeat. The rest of that meeting was just mechanical. I gave the quote, got approval, and left the building. Plodding down the stairs, feeling utterly dejected, I apologized to God. By the time I drove off He told me: “You will immediately start another forty-day meat fast and this time you will succeed.”

Instantly brightened by another chance, I wholeheartedly agreed and proceeded with an effortless fast for a further forty days. Exactly as God had said, I did succeed, easily.

After that victory, God showed me what ground He took (in the heavens over Japan) from His enemy because of the failed fast; the obstruction of God’s plans without right. Then, God revealed what He did as a result of the successful fast. It was a spectacular double-win in the heavens over Japan. My mind was blown after seeing all that God showed me. If this is what God takes from the enemy when the enemy takes something from Him, I never want to be God’s enemy, on earth or in heaven.

What I saw in the spirit realm over Japan is a testimony for another time. Worldwide, the invisible war is real—an ongoing legal battle in heaven and a fight for every earthly domain, including the air around us and the bodies we temporarily govern. Each believer makes a massive difference due to the enormous leverage of God’s Holy Spirit in and through us. Activated by the faith of believers, He mobilizes His unparalleled power and vast heavenly forces to accomplish His will. It’s no wonder that globally there are countless ploys to distract, undermine, and rid Christians of trust in God and faith in His divine guidance.