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Letter from God

by | 24 Feb 2022

Heavenly Father, please reveal more to us about heaven, about You fetching Your children, about our future with You.

The heavens will close to men on earth. Before that time, I fetch all My people. Men labour here in My name—the legitimate labourers, the ones whom I sent forth. They are bringing in the harvest. When the door shall finally close, no man knows. To be filled with My Holy Spirit is to be ready, for My Spirit leads each of My children in doing My will. Therefore, do not deny My Holy Spirit, but openly welcome and receive Me like this, for then we are one. However, he who denies the unction of My Spirit, denies Me. Be open and willing to yield unto My Spirit daily, and you shall be ready always.

Do not fear. Those who receive, and welcome, and live by My Spirit need fear nothing; for they can be true, and free, and bold. They are full of grace and the gifts of My Spirit. Only do not stifle My Spirit. Yield openly for Christ to operate in and through you. For the Spirit of Truth is the Word of God in you all.

Open your spirits to My Spirit, allowing Me to flow in you; to cleanse, and fill you, and to flow through you unto others. Seek to operate in all My gifts, for I am the giver of gifts. Therefore seek Me for your gifts to be dispensed according to My will in heaven. You are My vessels on Earth, My Body, the doers of My Word which comes through My Spirit.

Heaven awaits you. I await your full arrival. Do not hold onto the Earth, nor anything in it, for life as you know it shall most certainly cease on that day. Hold onto nothing, for the Christian’s reward and future is eternal, locked away in a vault unreachable for men and for the spirits of this world. Only those who come through My Door shall enter into that secret place reserved for the holy. Do My will that others may also enter.

If you find a spring in a desert while your people thirst, will you not share it with them? Will you withhold it? Will you hide the knowledge of it? Will you drink of it alone lest it dries up if too many drink? Will you bottle it and sell it, profiting at the expense and exclusion of others? Verily I say to you, those who receive and do not share shall see their fountain dry up, and those who share with many shall see their fountain increase with much vigor.

Have you seen Heaven? Have you seen My abode? Do not wait to see it—come and see it now. Did I not invite you to approach My throne boldly? Is My throne not in Heaven, within the citadel which is My abode?

Even though I am Spirit, Heaven is a place, but unlike anything you know now. Here on Earth you are distant from each other, but there you all become one, even though you are many. There My Spirit binds you all together with wisdom, and knowledge, and love, and the knowing of My voice.

Here on Earth, knowledge and the lack thereof defines people. In Heaven there is no such lack, for all are privy to all, for all are within Me, within My presence without restriction, and I am all, maker of all, knower of all. On Earth, sin exists. All the children of sin, the fruits thereof exist here—everything which divides men from Me and wreaks havoc and destruction in the hearts and minds of people, in their bodies, and into this world through them.

In Heaven there exists no sin, for all sin has been banished and cast out, and none of it can enter. It does not enter into the spirit of any being in My presence. The place I have made for you is truly good.

When you are there, and you glimpse your past on Earth, not one person will cry but be filled with joy, for all knowledge and wisdom from My throne will be revealed. All the tests and trials will be shown and your understandings shall be full, lacking nothing, seeing how good is all which I have made, even the struggles, the evil, the destruction, and the darkness. For all has a place, a perfect place.

These things are hard to grasp now but you shall easily fathom them then. It is a good future I have made for My loved ones.

My children, I long for you, yet I am pleased you are with Me. We are already together in the way My Son has made for you during this time you each tarry on Earth.

You tarry here for a reason, for purposes known and unknown. There are a myriad of mysteries which you shall come to know as common understanding once you are with Me. If you knew all now, you would not enjoy the good things I have placed on Earth for you to enjoy simply. Full knowledge within the realm of sin breeds warped understanding. This is why I say: “Do not sin. Be holy as My Father is Holy.” For then your understanding becomes open and more complete, and you move into the fullness of victory I have secured for you on Earth.

If Christ is within you by virtue of My Holy Spirit, then what prevents each of you to function fully as Christ did? Think on this.

If you received Me, you men say that you are saved. If you are baptised with water, then you say you are done with this world. If you are baptised with fire, which is My Spirit, then you are a temple of My Holy Spirit. What shall We say of that? We know what you say, but do you know what We say? For we are watching, knowing full well, and observing, seeing all too well. What say we?

For men are fixed upon what they say, and devoid or just skimming the surface of what We say. Shall a man yield to God, then denounce the world, and then become a temple of My Holy Spirit just to justify himself in living his life in this world his way? What say We of that?

This is surely to be untrue to your covenant with Me. This is to hide away the brilliant light which was ignited within you. This is Our hope to see you fulfill your promise and covenant unto Me as I have already fully completed My covenant unto you.

You live in the hope of seeing Me fulfill My promises unto you, yet what hopes do I have regarding each of you? Am I not Your Maker and Father? Am I not living and full of love? Am I not one who also longs, and yearns, and weeps over you?

You fathers and mothers have hopes for your children. Just so do I hold onto hopes for you, each of My children. This is why I spoke to My disciples in the boat, venting my frustration towards them, because I too had hopes for each of them.

Shall a hopeless father, one who has no hope for their child, even bother to save them, bother to teach them? I tell you all that I have sent My Holy Spirit to blanket this planet because of My hopes for saving mankind, My hopes of being with you and you with Me.

Therefore, if I long, and if I weep, and if I hope, what kind of Father am I to you? You know what kind of Father the scripture says that I am, but what kind of Father am I to you if you would so regularly dash even My hopes, and cause me to long terribly, and weep over you?

I am not reprimanding you, but I am calling you into intimacy with Me, for I seek that from you like a lover seeks to spend time with his beloved.

I ask you to turn your faces towards Me, to behold Me, to come near Me, to hold Me, to bless Me, to comfort Me. For our covenant is not one-sided, and I am often alone.

I have made the way for all this to happen now on Earth, even though it is not yet as full and as glorious as it one day shall be. However, a visit is better than none at all, even though one day we shall linger forever in each other’s presence.