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Glorify God

by | 15 Oct 2022

Heavenly Father, I glorify You! You are the One who empowers Your people. Through You everything happens according to Your will. Without You we can do nothing.

Righteousness flows through You. You are the One who lifts up and pulls down. Let Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Use us as Your instruments. Make of us glorious jewels in Your crown.

You I praise, Lord God. You let us fly high above this world and take us into the highest heaven, into Your presence. Your name defies all understanding, yet its meaning swells and multiplies in us over the years.

You beget more and more children, and use us to birth them and raise them. You bring healing unto Your people, giving us Your ointment to apply to them.

Your power You dispense liberally according to Your wisdom and from Your love. You seek no recompense for Your good and mighty deeds, just recognition so that Your people will know of Your mighty works far and wide.

Make us publishers of Your love and might, shouting it from the rooftops.

The vaults of heaven are open to us all to take riches. Your table is set for us to sit with You and eat, drink, and be filled with Your Spirit.

The power which raised Christ from the dead is within is on this Earth and into eternity. We overcome by the blood of Your Lamb and the Word of our testimony which You impart from Your throne.

Abba Father, amen.