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Transport Money

Friday, 23 July 2021 — This afternoon, in His characteristic still, small voice, the Lord instructed me to give Maria R300 cash. My thought was that she may be short on food, since her children were visiting her, and God had already led me to give her some food. I walked up to her house. This is her home away from home while she works for us, located on the same smallholding. After handing her the cash, I asked her to thank God, since this was a gift from Him.

She was astounded and joyful. Again I emphasised to her, this was not part of her salary, but a gift. She then revealed she had been counting the little money she had, wondering how to pay for transport to take her children home, and that R300 is the amount she needed.

Walking back to my house, thanks to God overflowed from my heart. The money was needed for transport, not food, something I didn’t know or suspect. I was also humbled by God being perfectly right, knowing Maria’s troubled thoughts, and exact needs. Who cannot feel small, next to a perfect and obviously all-knowing God? What a sense of awe He commands wherever He works!

Upon getting home, I spoke to my wife, and together we wondered: If Maria didn’t have money for transport, did they have enough food? I walked back to her place, to find out.

17:41 — I’ve just returned from Maria, about 30 minutes after initially giving her the R300. When I knocked on her door, I heard excitement inside. She came out, beaming, and revealed she was singing and dancing with her children because of God’s provision!

 They still had enough food to tide them over until tomorrow’s departure. She stood there telling me how incredible it is to experience God knowing her worries, her needs, and even her thoughts—then sending someone with provision to answer it. She was overwhelmed with joy and thanks. I was overwhelmed by witnessing God’s goodness at work in her.

Maria said that her need was such, that she had explored two other options to have the travel money ready for the next day. She sent her one son to ask her sister’s husband for money, but her son couldn’t find the man; even Maria’s phone calls to him went unanswered. Her other option was to approach a loanshark, who would charge 50% interest; she was loath to take that route.

Then God’s provision appeared. Without phone calls, and without the burden of a loan. A free gift, out of the blue, from God’s abundant love, kindness, and grace!

What would it mean, for a child of God to have to visit a loanshark? Here’s what it would say: Where is God? Doesn’t He hear me? Doesn’t He see my need? Don’t God’s people care about me? Living with a heavy heart. Having to service debt with burdensome interest. Remaining shamefully quiet about these matters to others.

How can God be glorified like this?

Instead, our wonderful Lord wiped away Maria’s worries, showed her He was there for her, showed He sees and hears her, demonstrated His provision, and showed that His other children do care. Instead of shame and a burden of debt, Maria revealed her bright, joyful heart—bubbling over in telling others of how good God was for them.

God is glorified for His miraculous provision!

Before I left Maria, my eyes were wet from hearing her testimony. While walking back home, I started weeping, tears mixing with laughter, unable to contain the profound blessing in my heart. I had once again witnessed God work in His divine ways. It felt like golden sunshine upon my soul, like honey from heaven poured over the little person I am, the gladness from God’s heart connecting with mine. For a minute or two, it touched my being, like brushstrokes painting on my soul with a colorful emotional palette. Feelings of humility, joy, thankfulness, and intense gladness flooded me. While walking through the grass field, I spontaneously balled both my hands into fists, and pumped my arms skyward in victory. Yes! Yes! And again, YES!

God’s will was done on earth!

He heard my sister’s prayers in her moment of need. He saw her anxiety and desperation. God answered with physical provision in a miraculous way. I witnessed it, and played a part in it. I felt privileged—so privileged and honored. As I walked to my house, I honored God, thanked Him, and worshipped Him. How wonderful to be a child of God! I was bursting with the highest form of fulfillment: being a useful instrument for God unto others.

I have shewed you all things, how that so labouring ye ought to support the weak, and to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how He said, It is more blessed to give than to receive.

Acts 20:35

It is indeed a great blessing to give!

Here are the divine blessings I experienced through this event: At first, I experienced God’s divine instruction; Maria as the recipient, the amount, and the urgency. I experienced the joy of physically handing over the gift. I experienced the glad testimony of the recipient—how God had answered her need in perfect time and exact amount. I experienced her joy, and also her awe of God in this miracle.

I was once again a firsthand witness of God’s loving care. I saw proof that God heard the silent thoughts of Maria’s distress, and of God speaking His command to me. Through this event, I had once again witnessed God active on this earth. 

Emmanuel—God with us. He is literally with us and in us.

For both Maria, her family, and myself, this was a historic event.

History : His Story written in our lives.