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Pleasure Dome Thunder BW

Body and Heart

Thursday, 30 December 2010 — Martin, Louisa, and their two daughters were visiting us. Here’s my account of that memorable visit with old friends.

Around 10 p.m., just before the girls brought the first round of homemade pizza from the kitchen, Louisa told us about her splitting headache. She said it was caused by neck and back pain after sleeping wrong the previous night. Additionally, she complained about sinus trouble following their visit to an egg farm earlier that day. Immediately the Holy Spirit came over me and I knew the Lord would heal her.

We enjoyed our first and second round of pizza and then I asked how her headache was; this was around 11 p.m. She said that it was mostly gone, but questioned why her back pain and sinus issue were still there, and asked if the Lord said anything.

I told Louisa that the Lord had made it clear He would heal her and I asked her if I could lay hands on her. She said yes, so I stood behind the couch where she sat, led the four of us into prayer—trusting God to heal her—and laid my hands gently on her head. Right away the Lord’s virtue flowed. I waited until He said I should remove my hands and then asked her to test herself.

The remnants of both the headache and the sinus problem were instantly gone, but the back pain remained. I waited on the Lord and then proceeded to lay my hands on her shoulders. Again His virtue flowed freely, and she reported that the pain shifted to her lower back. She was standing now, and I went to stand alongside her. I again prayed and acknowledged God’s truth and sovereign power over sin and death, over evil and infirmity.

The moment the Lord led me to lay my hand on her lower back, a great flood of God’s virtue flowed non-stop. At some point I noticed the Lord was anointing Louisa and dealing with her heart and spirit. I was no longer required, so I left her swaying there under the power of the Holy Spirit.

After about ten minutes, she was aware of us again and reported that her back pain had travelled all the way down toward the floor and left her.

In those fifteen or so minutes of waiting on God, He had dealt with both her body and her heart.

We all thanked the Lord.