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America will Crash

Sunday, 16 March 2008 — Overcome by immense fatigue, following ministry to a wheelchair-bound man and a long road trip, I was alone in my bedroom. I’d just dressed into my pajamas and sat on my bed, when a large image displaying 40% appeared to me in a vision, with God saying:

“America will crash.”

The clarity and volume of God’s voice startled me, sounding like someone spoke in my bedroom. Besides the terse financial crash warning, He also outlined further details. For the next couple of minutes, I heard Him speak in summary about the economic future of the world over the next five to ten years and beyond, also regarding the South African economy. It was like sitting in a well-informed investment expert’s office. Point-by-point He outlined which market sectors would decline and which would rise. I listened in amazement, thinking that I needed to memorize and write this all down later.

The next morning was Monday, 17 March 2008. At around 08:15, I was outside showing our gardener his work. While I spoke to him, in the Spirit I heard the chime of a well-known hourly clock. The lengthy tune played out, followed by hourly gong strikes. After the final gong sounded, I heard the words:

“It is now time.”

Internet news appeared later that same day: Global economies fall on news of US government and JP Morgan bank attempting to rescue Bear Stearns. The financial crash had started, confirming what God told me the previous day. The rest of the crash, which influenced the USA, South Africa, and the world, is history. Or perhaps still history in the making, depending on who you ask.

Research revealed that the tune was the Westminster Chimes. More interestingly, the words for said tune—written as a prayer—are inscribed on a plaque in Big Ben’s clock room:

All through this hour
Lord, be my guide
That by Thy power
No foot shall slide.

A friend asked me why God would show me the future. Even though one could make lucrative financial trades knowing about a crash, I had no funds. I conclude that God desired me to know that He knows the future and is willing to share His knowledge. What He said during those few minutes forever strengthened my faith and allowed me to share this testimony.

He could have left me to discover the news hours later like everyone else. However, that would provide no spiritual benefit for me nor anyone I tell. More valuable than making a fortune in stock trades, it now serves as further proof that God is present, observes everything, knows the future, and will share it with His people.