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Dream: Swimming Bride

by | 26 Feb 2022

I had a dream where I went swimming in the sea. It was a sunshine day, with the sea not calm, not violent, but active with wave after wave rolling to shore. The waves came in sets, 2 to 3 feet high. There were numerous people swimming there, but I was focused on one slender old lady with fair skin and pure white hair.

She was smiling and laughing, thoroughly enjoying her swim, eyes sparkling as she looked at me. A swell lifted her, then the following wave hit her hard behind her head. She kept watching the shore, never seeing the oncoming waves. This she repeated over and over, laughing with glee. 

When the sunlight, which shone from the ocean towards the shore, lit her. Her entire head was translucent with radiance, her face (turned toward the shore) glowed with oranges and yellows—a truly strange thing to behold. It was like viewing a wax person, not a real person of flesh and bone. The wax allowed the sunlight through, like a strong torchlight through Gouda cheese. She was no ordinary person.

She swam deep beyond the surf, catching the waves as they washed toward shore, but then she was taken deep back in by a strong undercurrent. Even though I was swimming close to her, touching her foot at one time, the undercurrent did not pull me in nearly as deep as she went. Even though she was laughing and smiling, I grew concerned for her safety. The uncurrent became so strong that it dragged her in with head beneath the water, her white hair plastered all over her eyes and face when she emerged. Another wave came and she gleefully rode it toward shore again, oblivious to the danger. She never came out far enough to stand on firm ground, and then got pulled far back in again.

At one point I was out on shore, watching her, and working out a rescue plan. I first envisioned swimming to her and holding her in the rescue position, face up, doing the swimming for her. Then I wondered if I could simply hold her hand, talk her through becoming calm, coaching her breathing, and then talking her through swimming out with the waves while conserving energy in the lulls, pulling her along by the hand as I swam with her.

Upon waking, the Lord said:

She is My Bride, enjoying the world but struggling to get out. I want you to help her get out.